Membership Terms & Rules

  1. Members MUST fill the form with complete details including phone number, email, address, date of birth, and family information (if applicable). 

  2. Members MUST pay via credit card or check ONLY. No other forms of payment are accepted. Members are responsible for paying their own membership fees.

  3. Only children 21 or younger are eligible to be under Family Membership. Children's date of birth MUST be filled out in their membership account. Children MUST be 15 or older to vote in ISGH elections.

  4. Only family members that live in the SAME address and are either spouse, parents, parent-in-laws, children, or dependents 21 or younger, can be added to the family membership.

  5. Students MUST email student ID or proof of enrollment to with the subject line: Student ID_First_Last Name. OR upload it via Online form.

  6. All Checkomatic Members MUST fill a Membership form (Online or Paper) in order to qualify for Membership. 

  7. If any of the information is missing or inaccurate, the Membership Department has the right to delay, decline, or consider the form unacceptable. 

  8. Individuals over 21 MUST maintain their own Membership and do not fall under their parents Family Membership.

  9. Members MUST fill their own forms and sign, date, and acknowledge all terms & rules and Membership Bylaws have been read and understood.

  10. For questions/concerns regarding membership please email: or contact 713-524-6615 ext 108.

ISGH Membership By laws



Section 1.

All are eligible for membership in ISGH. In this Constitution, all references to male gender (he, him, his etc.) shall be assumed to mean male or female.


Section 2.

The Society shall have two categories of members:

 A. Natural Member

B. Associate Member


Section 3. Natural Member

Every Muslim is a natural member. A natural member (hereinafter shall be referred to as a “member”.)


Section 4. Associate Member

Any non-Muslim who displays interest in Islam and pays membership dues is eligible to become an Associate Member. He will not be eligible to vote or hold office.


Section 5. Eligible Voting Member

Any natural member can become an eligible voting member by fulfilling the eligibility requirements defined in the Bylaws.


Section 6.General Body and General Assembly

The eligible voting members shall collectively constitute the General Body of ISGH. A meeting of the General Body shall be referred to as the General Assembly. 


Section 7. 

The annual membership dues of the ISGH are as explained in the Bylaws. 


Section 8.

Each member pledges to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of ISGH.





Section 1. Eligible Voting Member

The term eligible voting member shall mean a natural member who fulfills the requirements of Section 2 of this Article, and who has neither voluntarily withdrawn from membership nor has been expelled from membership and if expelled has since been reinstated as a new member (hereinafter referred to as “Eligible Voting Member”, or “Voting Member”, or “Member”, or “Member in good standing”). In these Bylaws, all references to the male gender (he, him, his, etc.) shall be assumed to mean male or female.

Section 2. Eligibility for voting

The following requirements shall be satisfied before a natural member may be eligible to vote in any general assembly or election of ISGH officials:

A. The natural member has filed an Application for membership in the prescribed form and has  been approved for eligible voting membership by the BOARD, and

B. The applicant agrees to one or more of the following:

(i). Participate regularly in at least one of four of the following regularly scheduled programs at any of the ISGH centers or mosques.         

       - ISGH children school program or adult educational program
       - Funeral arrangement
       - Quranic study
       - Al-Dawah activity
(ii). Financially contribute a fair share (at least 1%) of their annual income.
(iii).Volunteer their time in other approved organizational activities of the Society not included in 2B(i) above.

C. The applicant has paid his own annual dues for the current year on or before June 30. The annual dues of a member may not be paid by another person unless the other person is related to the member by blood or marriage, and

D. The applicant has attained the age of 15 years,

Section 3. Annual Dues and Joint Membership with ISNA

A.The annual membership dues shall be on a calendar year basis (January 1 through December 31) and are payable in accordance with a schedule to be established annually by the BOARD, provided that the dues shall not be less than the amount shown below:

     Family* -  $75.00

     Single - $45.00

     Student - $20.00

     *Family is defined for the purposes of this clause as member, spouse, dependent children between the ages of 15 and 21 years by June 30 of the current year, and parents of spouses living in the same residence.

The BOARD may also establish a multi-year dues schedule that offers discounts to members who pay membership dues in advance for future years. The multi-year dues schedule may not discount the regular membership dues by more than twenty five percent (25%). The dues shall not be refundable.

Through an agreement with the Islamic Society of North America, Inc (ISNA), a member paying annual membership dues to ISGH also becomes a member of ISNA. A portion of the membership dues paid to ISGH will be remitted to ISNA for its membership. The portion of membership dues to be paid to ISNA will be established annually by the BOARD.

B. Any member of whatever classification (except members with Life Membership) who fails to renew his membership each year by paying annual dues on or before June 30 of the current year will not be eligible to vote, nominate and hold an elected office. Renewal of membership by payment of annual dues after June 30 of the current year will not restore loss of membership voting rights for the remainder fo the year. Membership dues may only be submitted in the following forms: ISGH online payment services, personal check, and personal credit card. Non-acceptable forms of payment are cash, money orders, pre-paid cards and gift cards.

Section 4. Life Membership

A voting member can attain Life Membership by making a one-time payment of at least U.S. $1,500 towards membership fee. In the event any natural member donates $ 25,000 or more to ISGH in a calendar year for any cause, the BOARD shall, in recognition of such donation, grant such donor Lifetime Membership. If such donor is not a member, he/she must satisfy the membership requirements, other than the annual dues, prescribed in the Bylaws, Article I, Section 2 for the Life Membership to be effective. Such a member will be exempt from payment of annual dues specified in Article I, Section 2 C, Section 3 A and B, but will remain subject to all other provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws including those relating to suspension, expulsion and loss of membership rights.